Black magic astrology

Black magic astrology

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Black magic astrology both are really very interesting thing. But on the contrary both are also different and are different for their activities. Because black magic is the inclusion of all the evil and harmful thing. While the use of astrology has been only consider for the purpose. To settle the various things of an individual life.

If the black magic is a question then astrology is a an answer. Because the black magic is an evil thing which is practiced by people to harm someone. On the other hand astrology gives the way out of it. But both of them are helpful in their own way. About which you will get to know more through this article.

Ketu and black magic-what astrology says

to illustrate about ketu then let me tell you that ketu is connected with the psyche of a native. As well as, it disturbs the person both mentally and emotionally and many times physically. It causes severe depression, anxiety, bad dreams to the native. The person becomes very suspicious with the signs and symptoms of black magic of him. The person may become a lunatic if ketu is conjunct moon or opposing it. Ketu and black magic are both very intricate in themselves.

Both are mostly believed to done for selfish and for harmful purposes. If you think that you are also going through some bad times of your life. If you feel also get to dream some bad in your mind. Unwanted or dirty thoughts has been creating their place in your mind. Then this is the work of black magic and ketu. 

Because to do something bad rahu and ketu are supreme in powers. If you feel that you are also suffering with the consequence of something dark. Or their is something rahu dosha in kundli. Then black magic astrology has the answer for it. Because these are he bad things that how far removes, there it will be best. If you are also suffering with such things then astrology can provide you the way out. Astrology is also very helpful to know How to find black magic in house.

Astrological remedies for black magic- Black magic astrology

Moreover, how to know that there is a chance to get affected through black magic via horoscope? While, it is a fact that if a person is affected through black magic then there may be any malefic planets too. Furthermore, let’s see that which type of yoga in horoscope leads to black magic impacts. According to black magic astrology, if there is a grahan yoga in kundli or horoscope or birth chart. Then there are really very chance that the person will face negative energy problems.

on the other hand for black magic astrology. Rahu is malefic similarly, it creates a chance to attract negative energies. Same, if saturn is negative in birth chart then also it affect the life with black magic. The combination of mars and saturn also form yoga to affect the life with black magic. Vish yog also generate chance to disturb the life with black magic or dark energies.

Malefic kalsarp yoga also disturb the life etc. While, some also trap due to tantra bandhan. Astrological remedies for black magic are solutions of black magic. Because through astrology or vedic astrology: by doing proper planetary peace of the malefic planet it is possible to get rid of black magic.

Black magic astrology -vedic remedy for black magic

  • If you are suffering with the consequence of black magic. Then let me tell you that you are really in big trouble. Because the black magic have never let anyone free or nor it will. Until the person don’t get the rid of it completely. But as you know astrology has the solution of all. Because black magic astrology has the solution for all problems relating with black magic.
  • By installing a good siddha yantra in the affected place. In spite of, it is possible to protect the place from black magic. Which also one of the most praised vedic remedy for black magic. As well as, special poojas are done on by doing proper hawan in auspicious time and day. It is possible to over come from negativ energies. By wearing a charged kawach we can protect our self from it.
  • But from where you will get them all, not from any other way but just right over here. Because by vedic remedy for black magic which has been driven from astrology. Your all the problems created by astrology gets completely exhaust. While, by doing daan of a particular thing in particular time and day is good to protect our self from black magic effects.
  • For more details about that how you can protect yourself from black magic. You can without any doubt contact our specialist. He will definitely provide you the way out that will change your life.